who am I?

i_voted    mirror selfie
on the coast in oregon

Hi, I’m me; I’m 28 and I live outside of Chicago.

The posts you’ll find here range from design & lifestyle to my deepest personal thoughts, observations, and opinions.

I am married to John, my partner of 10 years, and together we have a young daughter.


All images on greydayglamour are original and belong to me. That being said, if you wish to use any of my photos please contact me 🙂 Thanks..! ~Laura B.



One thought on “who am I?

  1. celine vautard

    Hello Laura !
    I’m Céline Vautard, french redactor for http://www.deco.fr
    I’m writing a subject about “How to install books in a children’s room ?”
    I discover your blog and I like it ! I would like to use one of your picture where we see books with ikea installation : http://greydayglamour.com/grey-day-bebe-one-year-old-toddler-nursery-tour/
    Of course, your blog will be mentioned with a link. Are you ok and can you give me an answer by email ?
    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards


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