grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut

When I go to get a new haircut I really think it’s my sort of “haircut ritual” that helps to make the process awesome:

1. Outfit: comfy but flattering: You don’t want to be shivering, sweating, or have your limbs falling asleep while awaiting the new you–so you should wear something comfortable but also something you feel good in. I wouldn’t recommend your favorite outfit or anything though–especially if you’re getting color or texture treatments since small accidents with the salon chemicals do happen :/ Plus you’ll want something that’s easy to clean of a million tiny pieces of hair.

grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut!

my “haircut day” outfit of celebration

2. Makeup: stick to your norm: if you normally or even semi-normally wear makeup this is not the time to go makeup-free. Having something new happening on your head makes it really important that you don’t end up looking at the finished product and wondering why you look so tired. Of course if you don’t wear makeup and don’t plan to this would be a bad time to try it because it can really affect how everything balances with the cut.

everyday light makeup cute wavy bob new mirror [] grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut!

my super light everyday makeup: brows, lashes, liner, concealer, lip balm, sheer powder.

3. Bring Lots of Pictures!: I prefer to be old school and compose a sexy stalker-ish Microsoft Word document printout full of ten thousand or so photos of some person or another who’s hair I’ve taken a shine to. (Hair inspiration honoree’s of yore: 2008: Keiko Groves of Keiko Lynn, 2012: Jana Wind of bekleidet) <3

4. Eat before: and maybe during? I personally have incredibly untimely attacks of hypoglycemia; stressful situations, i.e. hair being chopped off, make it even worse. I have to make sure that I have snacks and juice with me and/or plans to get a Frappuccino to keep up my energy during the process (steeple chase or a haircut? can’t remember: need sugar.).  However horrible it is, I still totally forget food and drink in my rush out the door; speaking of which…

5. Be on Time: this is for both your and the stylist’s benefit. Honestly…I’m terrible at being on time, and now with a 1-year-old I’m pretty much destined to be late for eternity. However, being on time means you have time to relax before your appointment and the stylist doesn’t feel rushed.

6. Take Photos!: Lots of photos! it’s nice to see how your hair looked right before compared to after and if you take photos right after you can see how the stylist styled it (if you like it) and can even bring a copy in to as a reminder of what you’d like when you go back for a trim.

pixie selfie new haircut [] grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut!

shameless selfie-ing ftw.

7. Schedule you’re follow-up appointment: If you’re satisfied do this before you leave the salon. A full trim or just bangs it’ll mean you have plans to maintain your cut and will be less likely to let it get out of whack–after all you stressed to much to let your dream hair only last 5 weeks.

happy haircuts!


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