grey day bebé: the hospital bag is almost packed!

hospital bag

behold a true chameleon of bags

Since I’m officially in my 9th month of pregnancy, it’s probably time to prepare my hospital bag…

I did some research online and watched other bloggers’ videos, etc. to try to get an idea of what I would be needing/wanting and I think I’ve done pretty well.

the bag(s): anyone who knows me at all knows that even without taking my OCD into account I have a phobia of hospitals due to how germy they are (and MRSA, c.diff, etc.). So I decided not to use a nice bag or suitcase as I knew I’d rather have something disposable.

I picked up two of my favorite $0.99 reusable shopping totes from T.J. Maxx (in a cute Paris print!) one will hold things I plan to use during labor and the other will be for things I plan to use after delivery/during recovery.

I’ve packed almost everything in plastic gallon/quart/sandwich baggies to keep it organized, separate, and sanitary while we’re in the hospital.

for me: hospital bag toiletries


  • Razor (just in case I end up wanting it)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss
  • Body wash/shampoo/conditioner/pouf (I picked up travel-sized containers at Target)
  • Body butter (Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter)
  • Hairpins/elastics
  • Hairbrush
  • Shower cap
  • Mini packs makeup wipes/Q-tips
  • Deodorant
  • Pads (The hospital should provide some but I want to be prepared anyway)
  • Nursing pads (probably won’t need these while I’m there but I packed a few just in case)
  • Washcloths 6-8/Hand towels 2 (using my own towels will be much more refreshing—I don’t even like using linens at hotels I never feel quite clean…yuck!)
  • Method liquid hand soap/Method hand sanitizer (the soap they provide in hospitals dries my hands out like crazy)
  • Paper towels/Kleenex/a roll of TP (yet again just in case!)
  • Some makeup: eyeliner/brush/foundation/mascara (nothing crazy but enough to feel “alive”)
  • hospital bag toiletries


  • Socks (2 short/sport, 3 regular)
  • Leggings(2) ( I haaate pants that drag on the floor, especially in a hospital)
  • PJ pants (1)
  • Nursing bras (2-3)
  • Robe
  • Underwear (of course)
  • Sweaters (2 easy-access for nursing)
  • Maternity tanks (2-3)
  • Flip flops (for the shower, etc.)
  • Slippers? (still need to get some)


  • Extension cord (for phone chargers, etc. nothing is worse than being bored and waiting for your phone to charge 5ft out of reach)
  • Charger for phones
  • Kindle?
  • Snacks!!!/water (8 bottles)/no peanuts! (everyone says the hospital drinking water is gross and I also don’t want to bring peanuts to the hospital and be “that person”)
  • Glasses (regular and sun)
  • IDs/Insurance card/credit card
  • Birth Plan
  • Preregistration copy
  • Carseat & base!

For the baby:

hospital bag for babyhospital bag clothing for baby

  • Diapers (5 of each size-the hospital should provide these but yet again just in case!)
  • Wipes (I’ll be using natural 7th generation wipes and/or cotton with water)
  • NB & 0-3 footies/shirts/socks, etc. (bringing two sizes in case she’s bigger than expected!)
  • Blanket (for covering carseat on the way out since it will be February brrr)
  • 2 terry washcloths
  • 1 burp cloth
  • Hats/mittens (2-3 each)
  • Nail clippers (some people say their babies pretty much had talons at birth–no thanks!)
  • Burts Bees diaper cream
  • Random accessories: bows, etc. for the endless picture taking that will almost certainly take place

For John:

  • Body wash/shampoo (just in case he wants to take a quick shower and doesn’t want to have to go home due to weather or other circumstances)
  • Toothbrush/paste/razor/deodorant
  • PJ Pants
  • Hoodie
  • 2 T-shirts/3 socks
  • Glasses (sun and regular)
  • ID/credit card, etc.

Our hospital tour of L&D will be in a couple of weeks (cutting it kind of close yes) and I’ll be asking about what exactly the hospital provides and we will be able to view the rooms we’ll be in, etc. so the list may change based on what it’s like.

Check out my corresponding hospital bag video on YouTube!

coming soon: another nursery update!


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