grey day away: Cosley Zoo & family outings

grey day away: Cosley Zoo Visit

Have always loved this sign; why no pink though? Missed opportunity there for sure.

I actually tend to like family outings with Veers more than most of our outings with just the two of us before we had her. I’m not talking about evening activities like concerts, bars, etc. obviously, but things like going for a walk or even just to the grocery store feel more fun with her. In many ways parenting has been more amazing/intriguing/exhilarating than anything I’ve ever done; watching a human become a human changes your perspective on life in so many ways.

That being said, any parent will attest to the fact that sometimes it is kind of hard having time limits between naps and mealtimes when you’re out of the house. It’s also really tiring bringing half a house worth of accoutrements for an hour long outing. Debating whether leaving the house is worth it=a new pastime lol.

So if you’re single, young, and reading this, go out and have some spontaneous fun! Be free!! haha (no, but really, do it). Not to say that you can’t have fun married with a toddler; but it’s definitely a lot more planned and organized (sitters, diaper bags, stroller, snacks, taking into account what your partner prefers to do, etc., etc.)

grey day away: Cosley Zoo

Awww baby smiles

Anywayyyy, we visited Cosley Zoo recently; it’s a smaller zoo with wildlife and farm animals=perfect for little kids. We saw mother ducks guarding their eggs, plus foxes, an owl, and an alpaca!

grey day away: Cosley Zoo

Humans need to evolve I think; this looks much easier than 9 months of pregnancy

I wore hiking boots to the zoo because I don’t enjoy getting (literal) crap on my feet but changed them to go out to dinner.

grey day away: Cosley Zoo [] Bonlook Lovely Lilac Tort, Dogeared Elephant Studs, tunic and leggings outfit mom

Date night/toddler chasing outfit: hard to catch two smiles with one toddler

  • Tunic: H&M (have had for forever)
  • Flats: Target: 2012
  • Dogeared elephant earrings,
  • Bonlook Lovely Glasses in Lilac Tort
  • Sunglasses: Rx DKNY 2015.

In all? 3-year wedding anniversary: check.


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