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grey day thoughts: 6 months of introspection later…

chimney stacks winter...<3…and I have come to some conclusions about what I’m trying to do here. This blog is named grey day glamour because I do appreciate the lovely, beautiful, wonderful parts of life but I also like to delve deep into the difficulties of our existence on this planet.

So far this blog has been totally, embarrassingly topical and lackluster because I’ve been afraid to speak about my deepest thoughts and worries, and critical issues in such a public place–so I’ve resorted to posting pictures of my home decor efforts, etc. because that’s easy. I’ve realized that this is why I never felt like writing here and I decided in the spring to not write again until I really thought through what I was putting my time into.


grey day ootd: style as a new mom

Even if I’m just spending time outside with the tiny one I try not to go all “whateverrr” and slub around in my around-the-house clothes. Putting effort into the way I present myself=feeling more ready to seize the day (at least for me). It also means I don’t feel like hiding whenever a car/person passes by.

grey day ootd: style as a new mom

I don’t agonize over what I’m wearing to the park; but it’s just as easy to throw on some cute shorts and a modern graphic tee as it is to wear worn out leggings and a fruit loops shirt from high school (<—-you know you still own something like this too).  Continue reading