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grey day away: Cosley Zoo & family outings

grey day away: Cosley Zoo Visit

Have always loved this sign; why no pink though? Missed opportunity there for sure.

I actually tend to like family outings with Veers more than most of our outings with just the two of us before we had her. I’m not talking about evening activities like concerts, bars, etc. obviously, but things like going for a walk or even just to the grocery store feel more fun with her. In many ways parenting has been more amazing/intriguing/exhilarating than anything I’ve ever done; watching a human become a human changes your perspective on life in so many ways. Continue reading

grey day away: Lake Michigan

great lakes, Illinois, waves, black parka [] grey day away: Lake Michigan

Vera hearing waves crashing for the first time

We had planned on spending some time by the lake this past Saturday but almost gave in and stayed home because it was very close to freezing here (in May–whyyy?) We decided to brave the cold for the sake of Vera since she hadn’t yet heard the sound of waves haha—it’s so cool being present for so many human “firsts” with her, even if she won’t remember them. Continue reading

grey day ootd: coastal vibes

For some reason this outfit made me feel like I belonged by the ocean; probably the hat? Or maybe the awesome 80°F April day..!new mom style summer sunhat black leopard romper [] grey day ootd: coastal vibes

I got this romper last summer and only wore it once because it’s a size too big really—so I layered it over this striped tee overall’s-style and yeah—it worked out fine; I’m trying to wear things I already own since I don’t have any budget for new stuff right now so in that way it was a win! In other ways not so much if you catch my drift.  Continue reading

grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut

When I go to get a new haircut I really think it’s my sort of “haircut ritual” that helps to make the process awesome:

1. Outfit: comfy but flattering: You don’t want to be shivering, sweating, or have your limbs falling asleep while awaiting the new you–so you should wear something comfortable but also something you feel good in. I wouldn’t recommend your favorite outfit or anything though–especially if you’re getting color or texture treatments since small accidents with the salon chemicals do happen :/ Plus you’ll want something that’s easy to clean of a million tiny pieces of hair.

grey day ootd: what to wear & bring when getting a new haircut!

my “haircut day” outfit of celebration

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