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grey day look: my new Bonlook “Lovely” glasses & review

purple cateye glasses, Bonlook Lovely in Lilac Tort, Dogeared gold studs [] grey day look: my new Bonlook "Lovely" glasses & review

I’m really on a necessary “not spending money on things I don’t need” stint; but in honor of Mother’s Day I got some awesome new glasses from Bonlook. I chose their “Lovely” frames in Lilac Tort; I really like the way purple glasses look with my eye/hair color which is why I now have two pairs of purple glasses! So exciting haha. I will say they’re not as purple as I expected but that’s probably because my other purple glasses are a much more saturated and red-toned purple; they really do look just like their picture on Bonlook’s site. I love that they look so feminine and vintage but modern at the same time and they look great on me without any eye makeup at all=win. Continue reading