Monthly Archives: April 2016

grey day ootd: coastal vibes

For some reason this outfit made me feel like I belonged by the ocean; probably the hat? Or maybe the awesome 80°F April day..!new mom style summer sunhat black leopard romper [] grey day ootd: coastal vibes

I got this romper last summer and only wore it once because it’s a size too big really—so I layered it over this striped tee overall’s-style and yeah—it worked out fine; I’m trying to wear things I already own since I don’t have any budget for new stuff right now so in that way it was a win! In other ways not so much if you catch my drift.  Continue reading

grey day ootd: style as a new mom

Even if I’m just spending time outside with the tiny one I try not to go all “whateverrr” and slub around in my around-the-house clothes. Putting effort into the way I present myself=feeling more ready to seize the day (at least for me). It also means I don’t feel like hiding whenever a car/person passes by.

grey day ootd: style as a new mom

I don’t agonize over what I’m wearing to the park; but it’s just as easy to throw on some cute shorts and a modern graphic tee as it is to wear worn out leggings and a fruit loops shirt from high school (<—-you know you still own something like this too).  Continue reading