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grey day bebé: one year with the Honest Co. crib

Honest Crib 4-in-1 review [] grey day bebé: one year with the Honest Co. crib

Vera enjoying her nap at 8 months old —-crib sheet is Circo from Target

We were not up on all the crib options when we first started looking for a crib 1.5 years ago. After a lot of research we decided that the Honest 4-in-1 crib would be the safest option for Vera with non-toxic paint, etc. We paired it with this Naturepedic waterproof mattress (nontoxic, waterproof, and wipeable=win)


grey day casa: medicine cabinet to niche

The original 1970’s medicine cabinet in the bathroom wasn’t doing much for us; we didn’t keep anything in it and it projected a good 2″ from the wall on the left side of the vanity.

1970s medicine cabinet redo

old 1970’s medicine cabinet… 🙁 who though of the shape for the top of that door? rough…

So my husband removed the old cabinet and built a new niche for me using some mdf, 1″x4″s and trim 🙂

see how it turned out! ->